Konan BBQ at Kings Park

The group of Konan boys had an adventurous day exploring the city and Kings Park on Friday. The boys caught public transport for the first time in Perth today. They found their way (with Yue Lexis’ Japanese support staff) to Kings Park where they met some other students from Konan for an Aussie BBQ. The students got to try Kangaroo meat and had a sausage sizzle for lunch before exploring Kings Park.

They had a walk around and had a play on the whispering wall. The curved walls are at the entrance to the War Memorial in Kings Park. One person sits at one end of the seat incorporated in the wall and quiet whispers are made close to the walls which are audible to a person sitting at the other end. This is a war memorial dedicated to those who lost their live in the second world war.

The boys also had a look around the gift shop and bought some nice souvenirs to take home to Japan before catching the bus back to Lexis to start their weekend!

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