Meet some of our Byron Bay TAP-Surfing students

We recently had three wonderful TAP students here with us at Lexis Byron!


Sacha and Theo were from Reunion Island and stayed for four weeks and Alex was from France and was here for two. Before they left the boys kindly answered a few questions for us…


What’s the best thing about Byron Bay?

Sacha: I liked that it’s a small campus, so everyone knows eachother. It’s really easy to talk to people and make new friends.

Theo: It was a really good combination of study, surf and free time! I also really loved my homestay.

Alex: Improving my English! I also really enjoyed the table tennis (Alex came a close second in our July Tournament!).


Tell me a bit about your teacher and lessons…

Sacha: All the teachers are really nice. They encourage you to participate and mingle with other students. We played lots of really good games that got us to mix together and get to know eachother.

Theo: I loved my teachers, Paul and Michelle. We would always do activities in class that would get us interacting and speaking with other students.

Alex: My teacher Claudia was very useful and interesting, because of her lessons I am sure I have improved my English.


How were your surf lessons and instructors?

Sacha: Really good! Because Theo and I already knew how to surf Let’s Go Surfing gave us private lessons instead of us having to go with the group. They would always take us to where the good waves were, they really knew the best spots each day. They were very kind, friendly, fun and gave good advice. We often had dolphins really close to us when we were surfing, which was an amazing experience.

Theo: Great! The instructors were really good and helped us improve. They always checked where the best waves were first and took us to so many different surf spots over the 4 weeks; Broken Head, Suffolk Park, The Pass, The Wreck, Belongil and Lennox!

Alex: My surf lessons were awesome, even though the waves weren’t really big every day. Dylan and the other instructors do an amazing job.


Did you enjoy your homestay experience?

Sacha: Yes, they made me feel welcome and gave me good advice on Byron (Sacha’s homestay father Mark even took him to see how surfboards are made!). I felt well looked after but sometimes wished I was with a family with another teenager, like Theo was.

Theo: I loved it! My host family had 2 boys similar age to me (14 and 17) so I spent every evening with them. They were also the same surfing level as me so we would go out surfing together.

Alex: Awesome! What a family! The Monroes are the nicest people I have met here.


What was your favourite thing to do in Byron when you weren’t studying or surfing?

Sacha: Finding good places to eat; there’s lots of reasonably priced places for food. There’s also lots of shops! The lighthouse is really nice, we saw a wallaby there; I always appreciated these moments.

Theo: Hang out with my host family.

Alex: Ride my bicycle in town, or to the top of Byron to see the view, and sometimes do some shopping.


What would you say to someone who was thinking about coming to Byron to study?

Sacha: Go and do it! It’s a really good experience. It’s a small town so makes a change from being in the city. All the people are really kind. There’s good food and surf to enjoy!

Theo: It’s a really good school for surfing and studying. Byron is a great location for trying out lots of different surf spots.

Alex: Everyone has to do what they want to do! Byron is best for surfing, and the studying at Lexis was also very useful!


Learn English in Byron Bay. Lexis English students study General English, IELTS, FCE, CAE and English plus Surfing in a friendly and professional school right in the heart of Byron Bay and only 15 minutes from the beach


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