Mocktail Competition & Pizza Night ~ Noosa

For the TAP General students afternoon activity we hosted a mocktail competition. The students were to get into groups and decide which mocktail they wanted to make. The students were encouraged to be creative and make their mocktail unique.

m 6

Once the students decided on their mocktail ingredients we then ventured over to the shops. The students were to get a basket each and go into the shops to find their ingredients. Once they were done we made our way back to the school to start our competition!

m 5

The students had 1 hour to create the best mocktail they could. Once the time was up we got two judges to taste and score the mocktails.

The winning team was : ‘No Cats Allowed’!

m 7

After the mocktail competition the students got to enjoy some pizza! We listened to music and waited at the school until all of the students were picked up at 6:00pm.

What a great afternoon/night!


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