ADEC – Day 31 + 32 – Graduation and Leaving

So it’s finally come to an end.

Not really sure if tears were shed, but definitely all the students had expressed to me personally, that they all had an incredible time here in Perth. This is largely in part due to the truly dedicated people working in our organisation, without each and everyone of you this whole effort wouldn’t have ran so smoothly.

On the past 14th which was Monday this week, Lexis Perth hosted the ADEC group’s Graduation.

The young students had put in the work and we were rewarding them in our own way by gifting certificates and praise to the lot of them.


The ADEC Chaperones also showed their appreciation to homestays, to the UAE Embassy representatives that joined us and also to Lexis English staff as they presented us all with awards and specially engraved pens for our own disposal.

The students were each gifted certificates based on their completed studies (i.e. some were gifted 2 certificates as they studied both a Business Cert 3 and General English studies).

We then had a special presentation video that I had made especially for the students and then we let loose with an expertly made Cake provided by CakeFactory in Malaga, and then a BBQ which was held out in the foyer of the campus as the weather was especially rainy on the day.


The students really had a good time that day, and went home with many smiles.

Those smiles were met with mixed feelings as they all came into the campus the next morning.

Last minute selfies were snapped up with teachers and students alike, as the chaperones and students gathered up all their luggage and headed for their last few rides on the coach bus which had been brilliantly supplied by Great Western Coach Tours (Chris & Christina).


I tagged along with the students as we departed to the city for some last minute shopping and Nandos for lunch.

We then departed for the International Airport finally, and after about an hour in line. I met each and everyone of my students for the last time as they checked in their luggage and then proceeded into customs.


Many hugs and final selfies were taken, the most I’ve personally had to be apart of in my life. The students thanked me so much for helping them the past 5 weeks, they too have helped me develop as well in the time that seemed to fly past.

I wish them nothing but joy, happiness and a safe and prosperous future.

Gilbert Hewett – Chaperone

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