ADEC – Day 26 – Shopping at Karrinyup

Yesterday the ADEC students didn’t have any activities, their chaperones had decided that it would be a great chance for the business students to focus on their studies and the other ADEC students still studying General English to do a language workshop.

Today in order to treat them for the studious efforts we decided to take them to the local shopping centre for another session of retail therapy.

The students that hadn’t completed their work in the Business class regrettably had to stay at school, the rest were able to take a short trip down to Karrinyup shopping centre and get some shopping in before the long journey back home next week.

Tomorrow all of the students will regroup together to deplete their remaining reserves of energy at BOUNCE in Cannington.

Gilbert – Chaperone

Special thanks to Aiden for looking after the students today and taking the photos 😀

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