JTB Gaiarec Beach Games

Natalie has had a great first day with the JTB Gaiarec students on beautiful Noosa beach.

Everybody had a great first day of our study tour. This morning the kids were all very quiet during the English lesson, but by the afternoon, they had warmed up and were happily chatting and making friends.

On the walk down to the beach this afternoon Natalie could hear a few students gasp as they caught their first sight of the beautiful blue ocean. They were all very excited to put their toes in the sand and the waves. A few brave ones walked farther into the waves and some got their shorts a bit wet. Ai was the only one who went for a swim. She really seemed to enjoy it. All the kids had a great time playing volleyball on the beach and some of the boys played their first game of cricket, although as Natalie is not an expert on the rules of cricket she’s not sure if they were playing it properly! Oh well a least they had fun.

After a little stroll down Hastings Street the students were all looking exhausted and ready to return to the school.

Looking forward to another fun day tomorrow!


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