ADEC – Day 18 – Nearer to Nature (Volunteering)

Day 18 of ADEC’s expedition to Australia saw them travel to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre in order to help out the environment and the Nearer to Nature Crew.

We split into teams and commenced work to establish some new features for the park which included a new dug out track with stones bordering and lining the way, clearing any obstructing trees and leaves which were in the way of said path and creating a camp fire feature which involved some rather heavy lifting of likewise corresponding large logs up a hill in order to really supplement the experience of any future visitors.

Special thanks to Bec and Hannah for looking after our entire group and helping us give a little back to nature and future visitors to the reserve.

The entire experience itself was a sound team building exercise which gave the benefits of focus and appreciation for a little bit of perspiration and hard work back to the students and of course back to mother nature.

The students worked hard throughout the wet weather and accomplished mostly all of the jobs, Super Chaperone from Abu Dhabi Mubarak was a key figure in motivating his young students into appreciating a bit of hard work. In the end, the results were extremely pleasing to Bec and Hannah as we blew past all of their expectations of our group.

Great work too all the students and thank you to Nearer to Nature for the day.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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