ADEC – Day 15 – Trivia

Due to poor weather conditions we could not hold the planned “Amazing Race” activity today. Instead we gathered the ADEC students into a classroom and divided them up into teams.

It was time to test their general and English Grammar knowledge in a game of Trivia.

The students were pitted against each other to see who had the greatest passive knowledge set amongst them, in a series of 3 quizzes with questions ranging from geographical, to sports, to historical and grammatical. The students answered the questions as best as they could in English while we carefully observed their discussions in order to discern the correct answers.

Initially met with reluctance, the tides turned when the boys competitive spirits bared their teeth and they all engaged into the activity to become victorious.

In the end the team that won I have renamed “Team Stump” as their original name has been deemed a bit too inappropriate for a junior blog.


They were met with conspiracy and flared tempers when they were accused of cheating at least 2 times…


I awarded the winning team some Tim Tams to share as a group together and novelty Australian Koala Toys which attach to the end of a pen. It’s a little silly, but they enjoyed the prizes non-the-less.

Gilbert – Chaperone


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