ADEC – Day 13 – Lords Sports Recreation Centre

Marching through Day 13 of ADEC’s exciting visit to Lexis English Perth, we took the students to the Lords Sports Recreation Centre located in Subiaco.

The well presented and maintained centre offered a variety of courts for the student’s playing pleasure. We divided the group up into 3 main sports, that being Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer.

Suffice to say the students all wanted to play soccer, apparently the sport is extremely popular in their country and it had been at least 5 weeks since the last time they were given the opportunity to play.

I studiously ensured that the students separate themselves amongst all the sports and though volleyball was met with initial reluctance at first the students surprised themselves with just how much fun they had once they got stuck into playing.

Basketball was less loved and eventually Soccer was the sport that won out. The students regularly subbed with each other and after a while, keeping score didn’t matter, playing and having fun was the main goal.

Apologies for the lack of good quality pictures, my phone met with an unfortunate problem and I lost a lot of pictures that I took.

I’ll update later if I’m able to get better pictures from the students.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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