ADEC – Day 12 – Caversham Wildlife Park, The Pinnacles and Sandboarding in Lancelin

The Saturday started incredibly early for our ADEC students, convening at the Lexis campus in Perth at a very early 7:30am to meete with PeterPans Adventure Travel which then spurred into a 30 minutes journey into Caversham Wildlife Park in order to meet some of our native furry friends.

The students first activity was to have a photo opportunity with a wombat! To be honest I forget the name of the wombat, but I do remember it’s a she and weighed approximately 35kg.

We then moved onto meeting and seeing the Koalas. Yet again the students had another photo opportunity and also a chance to pet and see the creature in all of it’s natural glory. Even the ADEC Chaperones were impressed as Mohamed stated that he had previously seen a Koala in Melbourne but it was no where near as big as the one he got to witness at Caversham.

Lastly to end our 45 minute tour at Caversham Park, we went down a few paths and into a gated area in order to feed the Kangaroos and Wallabies.

Incredibly all of the animals were very wonderfully behaved and the students really enjoyed being able to feed, pet and take selfies with all of the animals.

After being provided some morning tea by our tour guides Meatloaf (Paul) and Wokka (Warwick), we set off on a very long road trip to “The Pinnacles”.

The Pinnacles are limestone formations within Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes, Western Australia.
They are essentially pillars that protrude out of the sand, accumulating and developing over several hundred years or more, there are 3 theories of their formation but I’ll stick to explaining the student’s engagement.

The students toured the museum and then were released into the Pinnacles themselves in order to take pictures and see the pillars first hand.

After exploring the arid land, we soon departed over to the nearby Hang Over Beach for some much needed lunch. Meatloaf and Wokka put on quite a spread for us and everyone from student to staff were helping with the cooking and preparation.

We also surprised Hamadakbar, one of our students who turned 18 on the day, he was very pleasantly surprised, unfortunately I don’t have photos of his reaction because I was handing him a cake at the time 😀

Once all of our bellies were full we hopped onto the bus for another long drive to Lancelin where, after procuring ourselves some sand-boards we headed for the dunes. The students had waited patiently throughout the day for the chance to finally go sand-boarding and once it came, they were not disappointed.

Engaged in a series of spills and thrills whilst speeding down the sand dunes, finally it was time to call it a day and head on home!

The students were covered in wet sand due to the weather, but apart from this I think I can speak soundly for everyone having enjoyed themselves on the entire day out.

All that was left was to depart on the long drive back to Lexis Perth where a lot of the ADEC students home stay parents were waiting for their arrival.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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