ADEC – Day 10 – Kings Park and WaterTown Shopping Mall

Despite the turn of events in terms of recent weather, the ADEC students headed into Kings Park today for a bit of a tour and photo opportunity time.


The students had expressed to me that they wanted to see a little bit more of Australia’s natural and historical side, so this was an ample opportunity for them to see a little bit of the local heritage and history. The group were also intrigued about the native fauna of Australia and were itching for a chance to see the river in it’s grand associated glory, so in all, a trip to Kings Park was definitely well received.


The students were engaged within a mass frenzy of Snapchat and Instagram fuelled selfies to celebrate that occasion.

Afterwards, we took a short trip into WaterTown and let the students peruse where ever their curious minds wanted to lead them, letting them engage in some retail therapy to help lift their morale.

Some students bought just a few things, and some decided that they needed everything. One thing’s for sure, the local kebab shop was very popular amongst the students as they were all rushing for a bite to eat.

With a relaxed atmosphere, these students showed that a little bit of rain could never dampen their spirits.

Friday’s excursions will have the ADEC students heading to the Mosque and then across the road for some lunch at an Indian Restaurant. Unfortunately I will not being going with them on that adventure. But I’ll be with the group on Saturday for our very long and epic day tour to Caversham Wildlife Park, The Pinnacles and Sandboarding.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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