ADEC – Day 9 – Table Tennis Tournament feat. Poker and Foosball

Today our students from ADEC participated in what primarily was a battle to decide who was truly the number 1 student… at Table Tennis that is. The students locked horns in a Single Elimination, no holds barred tournament that tested their cat-like reflexes and hand eye co-ordination. At the same time we also hosted a Foosball tournament and participants could go back and forth between each game to have a shot at victory.

In the end Khalid (Left) was our grand prize winner of the Table tennis competition along with Zayed (Right) who won in the Foosball. Here they are alongside me with their reward provided by their ADEC Chaperones Mohammad and Ali.

For other students that aren’t as adept with the handling of table tennis rackets and the like we gave them the option of Poker (which was a very sincere and enthusiastic request by a few students).

Here we have our winners counting their spoils of war.


As expected the students enjoyed the Table tennis competition, but unexpectedly giving them the opportunity to learn, play and compete in Poker with each other really raised a lot of their spirits. They were engaged, had a blast learning and I’ve probably given rise to a generation of gamblers when they mature in a few years.

I hope I haven’t, but most importantly the student’s had an entertaining and productive time.

Gilbert – Chaperone


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