ADEC – Day 7 – Boomerang Painting

Today marked Day 7 for the ADEC group’s stay here in Perth. Today we had the students try their hand at an Australian Cultural Activity i.e. Boomerang Painting.

We set the students the task of trying their best at drawing from stencils/free hand, to mixing and combining different colours in order to make their very own Boomerang.

A simple creative activity which gave the ADEC boys a chance to express their artistic sides.

Afterwards, we headed down to the beach to play some soccer on the grass areas available to us.

Study hard, being creative and then burning off any excess energy pent up throughout the day was a satisfying ending for the students who wanted to participate in something that was a little more engaging.

Tomorrow we set off to Sci-Tech for some thought-provoking fun!

Gilbert – Chaperone

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