ADEC – Day 3 – Aussie Food Tasting

Day 3 saw the ADEC Group along with their fellow General English students par-take in our Aussie Food Tasting activity.

The entire group was introduced to a variety of typical Aussie foods which are loved, adored or are infamous for their strong flavours and tastes.


There were 3 hot foods to choose from; Party pies, Kangaroo Beef and Sausage Rolls.

We also let them sample 2 very popular Australian party foods, that being “Fairy Bread” and Vegemite with cheese on bread.


Followed by an assortment of many sweets and snacks which are eaten quite regularly by Australians, such as; ANZAC biscuits, Shapes, Twisties, and Tim Tams.


The large group then were given the opportunity to sample all of the foods and snacks. The mixture of students granted the ADEC group an opportunity to discuss in English their thoughts and impressions of all the food that was available.


The verdict?

Only 2 out of the 50 students that attended were fans of the Vegemite.

The same result was given for the Kangaroo meat, the majority of students were encouraged to express themselves through English with as much lexis as they could possibly come up with.


The top favourite?

Sausage rolls were undoutedbly the top pick of all the foods presented.

Thank you to all students who attended and I hope you enjoyed the experience.

Gilbert – Chaperone

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