Wimbledon style TAPs

Today we went to the Tennis club for a tennis lesson with Michael and the whole group aced it. There was a great energy and the TAPs all made massive improvements!

Jenny, Bogdan, Emma, Caitlin and Marlene were tennis novices and definitely honed in on their tennis skills by the end of the lesson, with lots of encouragement and cheering from each other!

Tim, Quentin, Ema, Liza and Diana also made improvements in their tennis skills and confidence and by the end of the class they were all having a great time rallying with each other!


A huge well done to Quentin who showed us all up with his tennis skills, and is now TAPs version of Andy Murray – he was a delight to watch and of course, made it look so easy! I had a lovely afternoon watching all the TAPs on a beautiful day in Noosa – all i needed was some Pimms and strawberries and it could have been Wimbledon!

IMG_6325 - Copy

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