Week 7 @ TAP Noosa!

Last week was once more full to the brim with activities, with TAP Noosa students going hiking, learning to play the didgeridoo, surfing, playing volleyball, and finally chilling out on Friday with pizza and a movie! It’s been wonderful to see so many strong friendships form and there’s barely a minute that’s not spent laughing and joking. How lucky Lexis Noosa is to have such bubbly, warm and intelligent teenagers at our campus!

We also sadly had to say goodbye to a huge number of students on Friday, some having been in Noosa for up to 2 months! A big farewell to Sofia from Colombia, Zoe from Switzerland, Ann-Christin, Lina and Moritz from Germany, Yang from Taiwan, Chiara from Austria, Eddi from Italy, Hikari, Kokoro, Saki, Asuka, Yume, Hiroki and Kazuya from Japan, and Roman, Vlad, Anton and Pavel from Russia. We loved having you at Lexis and hope you come and visit again one day soon!  ❤️ ❤️



Team Bestest and Team Blonde after their volleyball match!



Students successfully conquering Mt Coolum!


Learning to play the didgeridoo with Scott from Bushlab!

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