TAPs Cruise Down the Noosa River

With English lessons done for another day, the afternoon adventures began for TAP students on Tuesday – this time hopping on pontoon boats and sailing the seven seas!… or rather the Noosa River (which is arguably far more superior and picturesque). Despite some windy conditions, we had an awesome time travelling around the canals, and halfway through got to stop off at the Lions Park to swim and play games! Unfortunately a group of students playing with a ball ran into some trouble with a one year old who wasn’t quite willing to share – check out So trying ever so carefully to coax the ball back below.

For some the highlight of the day was the ducks, for others it was being on the water and taking some insta-worthy photos of the view. But for Chiara and Michina the main event was having a Cody Simpson look-a-like driving the boat, and the girls wasted no time in getting a Snapchat photo with him to tell all their friends they’d met the famous Australian singer. Have a look at some of the photos below 😊


Michina, Chiara and “Cody Simpson”

Pontoon CollageIMG_4267

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