TAPs Rollin’ with the Punches…

Yesterday Noosa TAPs tested their fitness and strength in a Boxercise class at Franks Gym!

The students were kicked into action right from the start with a range of warm ups from star jumps, to planking and even push ups! Afterwards I held the punching bag for half of the group as they began practicing different kicking and punching techniques – but unfortunately being quite weak myself I struggled to keep my balance as the students showed off their skills! I even had to send some students (Hikari, I’m looking at you) over to the Boxercise trainer as I was no match for their hits!

Students roamed around trying out all the equipment and even had a few games of tug-of-war. In the end there were a lot more laughs than serious boxing going on, and students were more than ready for some well-earned rest after their awesome fitness session! Rest and relaxation expert Chiara from Austria led by example, heading straight home for Netflix and a nap.

Boxing Collage.jpg

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