Team Best Vs Team Pig: The Showdown

Yesterday TAP General spent the beautiful sunny afternoon outside playing sand volleyball! After a few warm ups and practicing different techniques, the competition began with TEAM BEST Vs TEAM PIG (team names courtesy of Thomas, captain of Team Best). The students showcased some impressive volleyball skills, all picking it up in no time leading to a fierce competition! The two teams were neck and neck the entire game, with Team Pig JUST getting ahead in the last minutes of the match – congratulations guys!!

Special mentions of the match include:

  • Clemence – for taking one for the team and running to get the ball almost every time it rolled down the stairs
  • Tracy – for providing the music (despite there being a little too much One Direction for my liking)
  • Thomas – for taking it upon himself to tell his team mates when they should and shouldn’t touch the ball, and being very vocal about it (and for providing a lot of laughs)
  • Eri – for re-naming herself “crazy girl” and sticking by it
  • Julian – for helping me ensure we were playing by the rules
  • And of course to Nomads! – for letting us use their volleyball court!

Thanks everyone for such a fun afternoon!

Volleyball Collage.jpg


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