Mountain Climbs and Didgeridoos!

This week TAP General students have already had some awesome adventures! On Monday afternoon they conquered Mount Coolum, reaching the top within 20 minutes! German siblings Jana and Julian found it to be more of a warm up, saying it was a breeze compared to their hikes back home! (I think I’ll stick to our much smaller Australian mountains for now…) From the top we saw beautiful coastal views in one direction and the green hills of the hinterland on the other!

Yesterday afternoon students then saw some more of the Sunshine Coast, this time from ground level, sitting in Pinaroo Park for a didgeridoo lesson with Scott from Bushlab! They learnt how Indigenous Australians make and paint the instruments using only tools from their natural surroundings, and listened to Scott play a range of didgeridoos… and even a vacuum cleaner! Afterwards the students were lucky enough to give it a go themselves – and soon enough they were all creating some amazing sounds! Thomas from Tahiti proved to be very fashion forward with his didgeridoo choice – blue to match his pants, shirt and shoes – take a look!

CoolumDidj Collage.jpg

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