Week 2 TAP Highlights at Noosa!

From learning to surf, to walking through the beautiful Noosa National Park, joining the Surf Club for the day, getting up close with Australian reptiles, and having a pizza party – TAP General students were kept very busy last week!

After spotting a koala in a tree at the National Park, the students encountered even more iconic Australian wildlife when Nick from Fauna Solutions brought along some scaly friends to Lexis Noosa! They were lucky enough to meet a lizard, lots of snakes (including a huge 15 kilogram carpet python!) and even a baby crocodile! All the students took turns touching and holding the animals, and Tracy briefly became Medusa with a snake finding warmth in her hair. Later in the afternoon we sheltered from the rain, shared some pizza and created our own movie room to end an eventful week!

On Thursday and Friday we also said goodbye to some of our very first TAP students of the season – Gabriel, Magali and Capucine! I hope you all had a brilliant time here in Noosa and come visit us again one day! Lexis misses you already!

Highlights Wk2

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