Pizza and Movie Night!

This past Friday we had to sadly say goodbye to many of our TAP General students as they headed off back home 😦  We decided then to have a pizza party in their honor! We walked down to Pizza Hut, picked up 10 pizzas, brought them back to Lexis Noosa, and absolutely destroyed all 10 pizzas (80 slices!) in, like, 5 minutes.  It was great!  Then the students spent a good hour and a half socializing, playing table tennis, getting each others’ contact information, and just having a good time.  We then made our way down to Noosa Cinemas to check out the new movies that were out.  As a group, we opted to see the new Mission Impossible movie. Good stuff!   The students picked up their tickets, sat down, and watched Tom Cruise do a lot of running, a little bit of swimming, and a fair amount of driving.  Sweeeeet!

Pizza and movie

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