Mt. Coolum Hike!

Yesterday, our TAP students headed down to conquer Mt. Coolum! When they arrived at the entrance for the hike, they read the signage saying “Mt. Coolum Hike- 2 hours return”  The students took one look at it and said “Pshh, we got this”, and began their journey up at full speed! Without a complaint the students pushed themselves up all 208 metres that Mt. Coolum had to offer~ reaching the top in under 25 minutes! Whooot!  From there, the students saw the fruits of their labor in the form of epic views of the coast in front and the hinterland behind!  After getting their breath back and gathering around for the mandatory group photos and selfies, the students began their descent.  All in all, the students round-trip journey to the summit and back was in under 45 minutes! You guys are champions!

Mt Coolum

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