Great Experiences with a Homestay!

Recently, we received an email from one of the wonderful home-stay mothers who had the pleasure of hosting a few of the YMCA students for a few weeks.  Here’s what she had to say:

Thank you Lexis for the opportunity to home host Ryunosuke, Takumi and Atsuki. 
It was the best experience we have had with home hosting over the past few years.
They were easy to entertain,  were helpful and always ready on time and kept their room tidy.  I couldn’t believe that they even put their washing in the laundry each night, helped to set the table and cleared after, and carried my groceries when we went shopping.  Makes me wonder where we went wrong with our own children!!
Their families should be very proud of them.

Thank you again and we look forward to the next lot!

Suzanne Lee”

We are always happy to hear that our students and home-stay families are enjoying each other’s company~! 🙂


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