Chilling in the shade in the everglades

This past Saturday, our lovely Russian students from Moscow headed to the Noosa Everglades to see the famous mirrored waters in person.  They met at 10 am down on Gympie Terrace, a beautiful area of Noosa where the river flows serenely towards the ocean.  From there they hopped on the Discovery Boat, with Andy their Kiwi guide.  Andy took the group zooming through the canals and turns of the river, pointing out wildlife and local birds along the way.  He told the group of the history of the area while the students took photos along the way.  Midway through the trip, they got off the boat so they could walk a nature path and enjoy morning tea and a few snacks.  From there, the students made their way into canoes and began their 6 km journey through the Everglades by themselves while Andy hopped back into the boat and went ahead to start preparing their BBQ lunch.  The students took about 2 hours to paddle the 6 km and enjoyed themselves immensely.  They took selfies, picked flowers, looked at birds, and splashed each other with water! What a great time! When the canoe trip was finished, the students had made their way all the way to historic Harry’s Hut where they sat down to a BBQ lunch of steak, fish, salads! Awesome~ 🙂

Hartford Everglades

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