NEXSIS Hangs Loose in Noosa

Lexis Teacher Tanya sent us a few photos and some words about her trips with the wonderful Nexsis group who recently arrived.  The lucky kids spent their first two days in Australia visiting the famous Australia Zoo and spending time with Merrick’s Surf School down at Main Beach.  Here’s what Tanya had to say:

“The trip to the zoo kicked off with a monkey wedding, then we were lucky to have been greeted by a Komodo dragon. Later we encountered and took selfies with some sleepy koalas, a pair or hungry crocodiles, a lot of lazy kangaroos, a couple of noisy emus and lastly a few wobbly wombats.

The weather was spectacular for a surfing lesson. We were all so excited by the enticing ocean, the steady waves and lots of adventure in the water. With lots of persistence and hard work every one managed to have a bundle of fun. Some stood, some kneeled,  some just enjoyed the ride but all had a great afternoon.”

Thanks NEXSIS and Tanya!

Nexus Zoo Surf

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