Kayaking Noosa River

Today, our TAP General students made their way down to Noosa Yacht Club where they met up with Merrick and his kayaking team. Coaches Stefano and Jim were already busy setting up the equipment, getting out life jackets, and hauling the big kayaks down to the water.  Once everything was all ready, the students gathered around Stefano while he demonstrated the proper way to handle a kayak.  The students had fun imitating him and learning what to do before they hopped into their own kayaks and went out on the water.  It was a little hectic at first (some of the students accidentally rammed themselves into the docked yachts *shhh*) but they managed eventually!  Then they made their way across the water to check out the beautiful mangroves inhabited by our local river birds.  The students tired themselves out racing each other up and down river but had a good time all-in-all! Check it out!

Kayaking River

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