Hastings Street Quiz!

Yesterday, our TAP students headed down to Noosa’s famous Hasting’s Street on a mission.  They were put into pairs and given a worksheet with 20 tasks.  Some of the tasks included taking a photo with a lifeguard, asking business owners questions, finding a brochure for the Australia zoo, and a bunch of other stuff!  The first team to finish was promised a prize (Australia flags!), so they raced off in a hurry to complete their mission.  The winning team was Marta (from Spain) and Hinami (from Japan).  These two girls finished every task on the list and made it back in time waaay before any of the other teams.  Good job girls!  Once everyone was done with their tasks, they grouped together around Massimo’s Gelateria for ice-cream! Check it out!

Hastings St Quiz

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