TAP’s Residential Surf Camp Begins in Byron Bay!


Yesterday was the first day of classes and surfing for our TAP Residential Surf Camp program! We have four boys all from different countries participating.

Rodolphe from France has been here for a week already taking classes but moved into the dorms with the other boys on Saturday night. He has been surfing since he was 8 on various holidays he has gone on with his family!

Mirko from Switzerland arrived around noon Saturday and was our first camper to arrive. He is very excited to learn how to surf because he is already a skilled skateboarder.

Marcel from Germany arrived midday Sunday. He has been speaking English for a few years now and is excited to learn to surf on his holiday. Marcel also is an avid skater.

Yuki is from Japan and arrived late in the evening Sunday. So today will be his first day!

 DSCN0183Good Luck on your first week of Surfing and Classes!

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