Mocktail Madness!

Last Friday we finished off the week with a particularly long activity.  The students headed to the TAP room to receive their instructions.  They would be given a recipe booklet with a bunch of mocktail recipes (cocktails for kids!) that they would be making in their teams.  Once they picked two recipes, the teams had to draw up a list of ingredients to make their drinks, then they all headed to the supermarket for a shopping trip.  Once everything was all bought and ready to go, they TAPs headed to the kitchen to begin preparing their drinks.  To make the day even more fun, pizza and exciting games of Twister were thrown into the mix.  Once all the drinks were made, teachers Aaron and Tanya acted as judges.  They first awarded points for drinks based on their looks.  Then they were blindfolded and awarded points based on the tastes of the drinks! Some were GREAT! Some were…well, not so great!  But everyone had an awesome time 🙂 What a terrific way to finish off the week!

Mocktail 2 Mocktails

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