The Lexis Japan Teen Program is in full swing!

Today, our teens tried out the iconic Kobe Beef for a stylish lunch in Kitano

On Thursday, Alice and Michelle ventured to B TEKITEI restaurant in the idyllic neighbourhood of Kitano.
TAP lexisjapan10  TAP lexisjapan9


This restaurant specialises in Kobe’s most famous delicacy, Kobe Beef!

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ミ シェルさんとアリスさんは、ちゃんと日本語でオーダーをしました。オーダーをする前に授業で習ったことを復習するアリスさん!よくできました!神戸ビーフ ステーキ丼にサラダと味噌汁のセットを「三つ」オーダーしました!「みっつ」という言葉を忘れていたようです!日本語の数え方は難しいですよね!

The girls ordered their meals totally in Japanese. They even checked their study books to make sure their language was perfect!  Well done!  3 x Kobe Beef steak, rice, salad and miso soup.

TAP lexisjapan2   TAP lexisjapan11


Obligatory photos before the first tasting- the food just looked so good!

TAP lexisjapan4   TAP lexisjapan5

TAP lexisjapan6
TAP lexisjapan3    TAP lexisjapan8



Alice and Michelle both agreed the meal was delicious and they wouldn’t be able to eat another thing all day because they were so full!

After lunch the girls explored Kitano to walk off all that food, before an afternoon of  shopping in Sannomiya!

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