Slitherin’ Around

Today, our TAP students were joined by Johnno- a local reptile expert- and his friends.  He brought along snakes, lizards, and even a baby croc!  He gave an informative chat about his animals that was really interesting.  The students learned about what the animals ate, where in Australia they lived, and how big they would eventually get.

Reptile Show

The kids squirmed uneasily until Johnno explained that all his animal friends were, well, friendly.  Then they clamored around for a chance to hold and take photos with some of them!  Big pythons were draped over their shoulders, blue-tongued lizards licked and crawled across their arms, and a baby croc thrashed about hoping to get a bite out of one of their fingers (no fingers were harmed during today’s activity 🙂 ). Thanks Johnno!

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