Surf Lifesaving Fun!

Yesterday afternoon, our TAP students headed down to Noosa Main beach to meet some of our local lifeguards.  It was a rather large group so the students were split into two teams so they could explore the lifeguard towers and surf club without crowding up the place! The students were able to sit in the Rescue ATV, learn about all the lifesaving equipment, see some of the local marine life, play with the lifeguard binoculars, and see their first-aid room. How cool!

Afterwards, the students headed down to the sand to play Flags, a very traditional Aussie beach game.  The students raced across the beach to pick up the flags and those who weren’t able to reach a flag in time were eliminated.  When they were finished playing flags and a champion was chosen, the group gathered around to play some beach football and have a splash in the water. Check it out!


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