Monday Madness!!

Today, our awesome Teens Activity Program (TAP) had a massive intake of students.  We had 22 students join us from Taiwan, France, Austria, Slovenia, and Italy.  The students started off their day with a grammar and written examination followed by an interview to determine their English levels and what classes they should be put in.  Once that was all done and over with, they joined Aaron for their orientation, meet & greet, and Noosa Junction tour.  Check out the photos!

Morning Work

Once the kids were done with their orientation, they headed off for a brief lunch before they started their Monday afternoon activity.  Today’s activity was a nice walk through Noosa’s famous national park.  The sun was shining, the seas and sky were a beautiful turquoise blue, and the animals were out and about!  The students not only got to see two koalas hanging about, you know…doing koala stuff…but they also got to see a pod of dolphins playing in the water right below them! Awesome!

National Park Walk

Selfies with Aaron

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