Welcome New Students!

Today, Lexis Noosa’s awesome Teens Activity Program (TAP) welcomed four new students from Japan, Italy, and France!  The students were nervous at first, but soon opened up when they were welcomed by the other friendly Lexis students.  The first thing the four boys did was sit down for their placement exams to see which classes they would be put into.  When that was done and over with, they joined Aaron for an orientation to learn about the school, their classes, and beautiful Noosa!


After a quick bite to eat and some friendly games of ping pong with their classmates, the TAP students hopped on a bus with Aaron to embark on a tour around Noosa.  They made their way over to Noosa Lookout so they could get beautiful views of Noosa River and the surrounding mountains.  After the mandatory selfies and group shot, they hopped back on the bus and headed towards the Noosa National Park.  With Aaron, they took a quick stroll through the area, familiarizing themselves with the beautiful beaches Noosa has to offer, before again boarding the bus and heading to Mt. Timbeewah.  When the students arrived at the mountain, it was just a ten minute hike to the top before they were greeted with some pretty epic views.  Needless to say, the students were extremely happy that Noosa was their top choice for a study-abroad location.

TAP Gen Wk1 Noosa Tour

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