Welcome Our Lady of the Rosary College and TAP Surf students!!!

Today we started our fantastic week with a large intake of juniors students.  Joining us at Lexis Noosa, we have some wonderful students from France, Germany and Japan who will be joining our Surfing Teens Activity Program (TAP).  Everyday at 1 pm, this awesome group of kids will go to our beautiful beach with one of the best surf schools in the region.  There they will learn to paddle in, pop up, and surf the wonderful waves the Sunshine Coast is famous for!

Also joining us are a beautiful group of girls coming all the way from Our Lady of the Rosary College in Hong Kong.  These ladies speak excellent English with passion and confidence, thanks to their wonderful teachers Mr. Richard Cowler and Ms. Suckey Cheung.  The girls will be starting their days with some intensive (but fun!) English lessons in the morning followed by a diverse range of afternoon activities with our Lexis staff!  They will play on the beach, visit the zoo, explore the area, and so much more! How cool is that??

These two groups of high-flyers sat down together today and took their placement tests for their upcoming classes.  They were a little nerve wracked at first, but they soon came to realize that the exam was a ‘piece of cake’.  They also sat down with Aaron for an orientation to learn about Noosa, the school, and their respective programs.  They finished off the morning with a brief tour of Noosa Junction, where they mingled, spoke in English and explored the area. 🙂

Stay tuned for more updates on the adventures of Rosary College and TAP students.OLR TAP Surf Orientation

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