Kindai Students Go Surfing

It was an ideal Learn to Surf day on Saturday, when the Kindai students headed to Noosa Main Beach for their Learn to Surf Lesson. With hot Noosa temperatures, they didn’t mind at all being in the ocean all morning and giving it their best shot at standing up on a surf board. The students had a an awesome day with most standing up and surfing on their first go. Well done Kindai! 🙂 🙂 🙂

10943863_374506349386813_2334481839815915291_n 10941387_374506549386793_7325055608586750777_n 10407405_373775892793192_3704861352445391410_n10403161_374506876053427_3224409132373090963_n10392320_374506489386799_1721841595574239706_n10388097_374506562720125_8078160038914113033_n10320488_373775839459864_6058089349917226010_n 10940993_373775879459860_4503767275858588449_n 10940450_374506892720092_1334555080720246976_n 10940442_373775859459862_8642060801189141222_n 10933857_374506929386755_4487609897916167006_n 10931510_374509016053213_3215135625957869722_n

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