The art of playing the didgeridoo

10403406_306536682850447_6625007403248088376_nThe students learnt the art of playing the didgeridoo today, with an informative group session. Scott from BushLab explained the origin of the didgeridoo along with the different type, styles and sounds. The students had a chance to practice playing the didgeridoo themselves with some very talented individuals who picked up the method straight away. The students had a great amount of fun and laughs with their friends playing the Aboriginal instrument. A great session, thanks Scott!!



10533441_306536352850480_3944074956974004591_n (1) 10458002_306536296183819_2031597185982567042_n10457936_306536496183799_6847020083810750212_n10348196_306536576183791_432067645113902799_n10557421_306536532850462_5413291123338345591_n 10568820_306536456183803_419285161774043410_n



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