Mountain Bike Riding

It was an afternoon packed full of adventure with our Mountain Bike riding activity yesterday. The lovely guys from Bike ON in Noosa arranged the group of mountain bike to begin the tour from the top on Mt Timbeewah, The tour began with a safety talk followed by a few laps around the car park to get the students comfortable with the gears and to their bike.


The track began with a steep decline down the mountain along the tar road. With the adrenaline starting to fill our veins we reached a closed road where we could use our skills and speed to take on a the windy road down the mountain.



Once we reached the bottom, it was time to test out mountain bike riding skills with some tracks through the bush. The track began with a steep incline up a rocky surface, where we had to use our strength and skills to navigate up the track.



The track then changed to a narrow downhill slope where we mountain biked over tree stumps and sandy paths which were quite complex.

IMG_0778 IMG_0780


This activity challenged all the students and we only had one person fell off the bike… the teacher, Anj hahaha


However, in the end we all felt we accomplished so much when we reached the bottom of the track!!

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