Meet Ana from Brazil!

Ana has joined our TAP all the way from Brazil….here is her story

“Hi everyone, my name is Ana and I come from Sao Paulo in Brazil. I started learning English in school and also learn English out of school with the CEL LEP  program.

I really love learning this language and I am in the Intermediate class at Lexis English. My teacher is really nice, patient and very funny, so my class is never boring.

I have also enjoyed the activities and had so much fun learning to surf and kayak. My hostfamily is also very nice and my hostmother always takes the time to speak with me and is genuine and interested in what we speak about.

My family have taken me to the beach, along the river and I am happy.

I told my father that I don’t want to go home and next year I am coming back  for one year to study in an Australian High School – I am very excited!”

PicMonkey Collage


Thanks Ana and we wish you all the best with your time here in Australia and Lexis Noosa 🙂




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