The Dillewaard and The Leonard family enjoyed Hiyoshigaoka HS student at their home!

We have received email from Dillewaard and Leonard family


“Thank you for providing us with an opportunity to be a host family for the Hiyoshigaoka students.  Our family, and our neighbours ( Kylie and Michael Leonard) had such a wonderful experience with our students ( Natsumi and Mana)  and we felt that it was important to let you know how very special it was.  From the beginning of their stay the girls arrived with a book all about themselves to share with their host family, this proved a very insightful and meaningful link between their families, their home and ours’.  This book was also presented to us on their departure.  Throughout their stay the girls were so enthusiastic, well mannered, loving, happy  and very eager to be part of our family.  They were involved in everything from ‘dance off’s’ to outdoor games with our children and their laughter and interactions were so memorable.  The ‘Farewell’ was yet another very special event to be shared with our families, where the girls performed a dance and a very emotional song which they later translated for us.  The girls were very emotional upon their departure and the tears started two days before they were leaving where they stated that they wanted to stay with us.  We spoke to them about all of the incredible times that we had shared together and reassured them that they could come back and visit anytime.  We all shared tears as well as memories on the last day and we know that we will always remember the way that these girls touched our hearts and they will always have a special place in our families.

Thank you again and please pass on our thanks to all involved in the organisation and preparation of these students’ visit.

Kind regards

Sam Domine, Robert Dillewaard, Kylie and Michael Leonard “


Thank you to you too for sharing your experience with students.

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