Reptile show

Yesterday reptiles were unleashed at Lexis Noosa.  Scott returned with his boxes of lizards, snakes and a baby alligator to entertain most and frighten some!
However, it was the girls who were the bravest, posing for photographs with 3 metre pythons around their necks.  Junka and Karura were probably the bravest girls, calling the snakes ‘cute’ and having their photo taken with everything!

Etienne, a student from France, also posed with a snake-scarf accessory, but got very nervous after this photo was taken!

Other brave students included Leo, Karura, Yui, Leon (slightly brave), Riku, Daiju.  MANY photos were taken, and some great memories made.

We are looking forward to a movie and pizza night later!rep1 rep2 rep3 re3p4 rep5

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