Oz Care visit – Isumisano City

Today I accompanied the Isumisano group to a local retirement home.  They met the residents and wrote their names in calligraphy, made origami and played some Japanese games.

Isumisano City in Japan is twinned with Noosa in Australia.  Every year Isumisano send a group of students to Noosa to study and experience Australian culture.  It was fantastic that Isumisano made the effort to visit somewhere in the local community and give some of their time to the elderly.
We met some real characters at the home, and Isumisano were made to feel very welcome.  Some of the staff members got involved too, which was great.

I think they enjoyed their time, and I know the residents did!

Here are some photos of our time there.

oz2 oz3 oz4 oz1


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