Today all the TAP General students here in Noosa walked to Pinaroo Park for didgeridoo lesson.

At the start, Scott showed us some didgeridoos and taught us a little bit about aboriginal culture and history, and performing such an iconic Australian instrument was an excellent experience for the students.

After the performance, it was time to pick up our own and try our hand at playing.

At the beginning there were some strange noises emanating from the didgeredoos.  Some of them sounded like elephants, sounded like cats fighting, others sounded like heavy breathing!

However, after a bit of practice we started making good noises.  Some students did very well indeed.  Junka and Juri especially impressed Scott, and he praised them for being such good players.

After it was photo time.

Thank you Scott for a great afternoon.

didge5 didge3 didge2 didge1 didg4

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