The students had a great game of volleyball here at Lexis Noosa.  The students were set into 4 teams; Team Best, Luca’s Team, No-name 1, and No-name 2/Sushi.

After some warm-ups it was down to business.  The winner of the first round went through to the final.  Team Best took a 21-19 victory over Luca’s team, who were very unlucky to lose out.
Up stepped No-name 1 and No-name 2, who battled it out for a place in the final.  Team No -name 1 edged another close fought volleyball match, and win a place in the final against the confidently -named Team Best.

volley3 voley2 volley1Team Best continued their form and walked away the winners of the volleyball competition.  Congratulations to you all.

More pictures to follow!

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