Kindai tours Western Australia

On the weekend our Kindai students were treated to a special trip!

Beginning our Morning at an Early 645am we headed off to Caversham where the rain kindly met us but soon there was sunshine. We got to hand feed Kangaroos, pat the cuddly Koalas, Laugh at the Kookaburras and meet the local Wombat.

Next stop, The Pinnacles! On the way we sang lot’s of songs and played lots of games. “Call me Maybe” was the number one hit!

When we got to the Pinnacles we learned all about the animals that roam in the desert, from Emu’s to Lizards and we got to see all the amazing rock formations made from sand and sea shells from many many years.

For lunch we got to stop right by the beach for a BBQ! Delicious Sausages. Everyone was very helpful in preparing all the food.

Then the last stop for the day, Rachael surprised us and told us we were going Sandboarding! It was so much fun, the hills were very steep which made us go so fast! Some of the boys had the courage to go down standing up!

Finally on our way home.

Best Day Ever

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