Reptile Show

Last week there was loud shrieking to be heard at Lexis English.  The screams happened around the same time a man named Scott produced a 2 metre long python from a bag.  He promised us they wouldn’t bite, but that promise wasn’t enough for some people…..

reptile1Scott showed us lizards, snakes and even a small crocodile during the reptile show.  He spoke about the different types of reptiles, what they eat, where they live etc.  Of course, those who wanted to could hold the animals too, which was a great, and sometimes scary opportunity.  In our group we had students who would quite happily hold a snake all day to students who were standing on chairs when they got too nervous.  The students had a great time, and took about 5000 photographs.

Thanks to Scott for a memorable experience!

reptile2 reptile4 reptile3

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