Didge time

Today the TAP’s had a didgeridoo lesson today in a local park.
We met Scott who told the students about the history of the didgeridoo, as well as the different types of didgeridoo available.

Next he gave us a demonstration…


Scott described the different sounds a didgeridoo makes and played some traditional songs.

did2After, we had a lesson on how to breathe from deep down in our stomachs.

did3After we had listened it was practice time.

The students found it interesting to learn about a famous Australian instrument.  It was a great opportunity for the students to experience such a famous instrument.  After some interesting first notes, (some of which reminded me of being in a zoo!) we quickly got the hang of it and within 30 minutes were sounding like pros.

We might need more practice with the breathing techniques he showed us, (breathing in and out at the same time is more difficult than it sounds!) but overall we progressed well and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  A big thank you to Scott for an entertaining and memorable lesson.  He also mentioned there will be more photographs on the Facebook group “Bushlab Didjeridu’ soon.

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