Kondalilla Falls

Friday brought a ‘gentle’ afternoon walk through the forest to the beautiful Kondalilla falls with the TAP General students.  Cameras were flashing everywhere as the students took pictures.

There were some beautiful rock pools which were probably a little bit too cold for swimming, but they did make for a good photo.
I realized today that my photograph taking ability is not as good as some of our students.  This was disappointing, but then I realised I can use their expertise on the blog!
For example, Luca took some photos with a rather snazzy camera and put them for everyone to see here;



The picture on the left is another one of Luca’s amazing pictures.  On the right we have Kondalilla Falls, all 90 metres of it!

We were all very excited about walking down to the falls, but we didn’t realise we would have to walk back up to the car park.  It didn’t matter too much though, as we were all enjoying ourselves.  Although some of the students did say they were going to die, and one might have said I was going to die!  However, it turned out they were exaggerating, and everyone and everything was just fine!
We even had time to stop to get a picture taken in a large tree. Which turns out had no spiders or snakes inside, despite some of the students’ fears!  Above are 3 of the brave students who dared to go inside.

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