Surfing lesson

The TAP students  learn how to surf

It would have been a shame if our students did not try surfing before leaving Australia, so all of them gave it their best shot. What a day, nice weather, good waves for beginners and lots of fun!

At the end of the day, all of the students were standing on their boards and felt great about their performance! Sensei Dave, our surf instructor, was also very impressed and congratulated all the students for their good efforts. It was Haruna’s last day :(, we all hope to see her soon and wish her all the best :)!


Top (left to right): Haruna, Kaori, Nanuko, Hana, Koki, Yuto, Kosuke, Satohiro. Bottom left: Koki, Satohiro. Bottom right: Nanuko, Hana, Haruna, Kaori, Koki, Yuto, Kosuke, Satohiro, (and Sensei Dave!).


Top: Sensei Dave, Kosuke, Koki, Yuto, Satohiro, Kaori, Haruna, Nanuko, Hana. Bottom left: Koki. Bottom right: Satohiro, Kaori.


Top: Haruna. Bottom left: Hana. Bottom centre: Nanuko. Bottom right: Yuto, Kosuke.

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